Spa manicure for beginners

SPA manicure for beginners (3 Day Course)
Starts on 6th March, 2020

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three day course

Are you looking to get started as nail technician / professional? This course is stage 1 of nails accreditation to get you started as nails professional. This is an essential course for anyone starting out. You will spend 3 days learning everything from under the profession, client service and working ethics, practical skills, theory, nail anatomy, skin problems and solutions, tidiness and good taste of hand manicure, products and supplies.

£380 ( £120 – advance non-refundable deposit required at the time of booking)
Spa starter kit for beginners is included in the price and all you need to get started when becoming a nail technician.

3 Day Classic Spa Manicure includes:

  • DAY 1: 6th March, 2020 (5pm to 8pm) – Classic Spa Manicure Theory Day (disinfection and sterilization procedures, practice to prepare the tools).
  • DAY 2: 7th March, 2020 (10am to 4pm) – Practical Day. Model needed 10:30 am onwards, clean plate nails.
  • DAY 3: 28th March, 2020 (10am to 6pm) – Spa Manicure Beginners Exam Day plus Paraffin treatment practice.

You must attend all 3 sessions in order to complete this qualification. 


You will receive ABT accredited certificate of completion for your professional nail technician’s certification.


Practical and theory skills about nails anatomy, the health of nails, understanding nail conditions, care, products, tools and much more. 


After completing this course you will be ready to begin providing professional manicure services to your clients. 

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What is Classic Spa Manicure?

Beautiful and manicured hands are a sign of a sense of harmony, style and the lady’s attitude to herself. Well-done manicure speaks for the girl’s cleanliness, tidiness and good taste. Any lady would like to look gorgeous not only from head to heel, but also from ends of hair to fingerprints. An intensive three day course will certify you as a manicure professional. This course will teach you to make natural treatments from basic to the high class (spa treatments) and bring more work opportunities.



Lina is a fully qualified master educator with vast experience in professional training.

With proven teaching and motivational expertise, Lina has trained 100’s of women to become professionals in nails industry. She delivers first class training and assessments in nail technology, manicure, pedicure, nails art and customer care.

She is also the founder of Nails and Beauty Academy, bringing world-class experts to deliver live and in person training to those looking to become beauty professionals.

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